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What is a post?

A "post" is the start of a conversation in the SS&C Blue Prism Community. Usually, a post will ask a question or start a discussion - but they can also be used to simply share your hints, tips and advice for others!

Once you create a post, other members of the Community can reply to it or give it Likes to show their appreciation for the things you shared.

You can add a variety of media to your posts, including text, images, GIFs and videos. 


How do I make a post?

In short:

  1. If you see the "Start a conversation" button on a page, click it to create a post
  2. In the "Select Location" drop-down, choose where to publish your post. 
  3. Enter a title for your post in the "Subject" box
  4. Use the big text entry box to write what you want to ask or share
  5. Press the "Post" button!

In detail:

Creating a new post is a bit like art - the more time and effort you put into it, the more others will appreciate and react to it!

Choose a place to post

The Community hosts lots of different spaces for different topics of discussion, so it's a good idea to make sure you put your post in the right place. This makes sure that the right experts are able to see and contribute to your post, giving you the best chance of getting the insight, advice or reactions you're looking for. 

We've included a few examples of common post types and where to publish them in the table below:

Reason for your post Where to publish 
I need product help! The "Product Forum" board
I want to talk about strategy & best practices The "ROM Hub"
I want to talk about my industry or region Visit the "Get Connected" section to find a relevant User Group
I need help setting up my SS&C Blue Prism products The "Getting Started" board

Once you've decided on the best place to make a post, we can move on to...

Crafting your post

To start writing your post, you'll need to click the "Start a conversation" button. 

💡TIP: Can't see the "Start a conversation button? Click below


If you can't see the Start a conversation button, it's usually because you're either:

a) Not logged in, in which case you'll need to log in to the community or register for an account.
b) Not in a space that you are able to contribute to. If this happens to you, choose a different space or contact us for advice

You'll then be taken to the Post Editor! 

Post Editor.png


There's lots of features here that can help you craft an amazing contribution, but the basics are:

1. The Subject Line
This space lets you create a title for your post. Titles are really important, since they tell other community members what your post is about before they read the whole text. Your title should be short, but accurately describe what you're looking for. 

2. The Body
The big text box in the middle is where you can provide much more detail about what you need from the community. 

💡TIP: Looking for advice on how to write an amazing post that will get a great response? Click below


We've created a few guides on how to make sure your post gets a great response from other community members:

  • How to ask a great question
  • How to share hints, tips or advice
  • How to inspire others with examples of your work
  • How to start an interesting and illuminating discussion

You can write in this box the same as would in any text editor (Microsoft Word, for example). You'll also find a toolbar above the text editor, packed with features to help you make your post easy to read and understand. Just hover your mouse over any of the buttons to see what they do. 

You can also @mention other community members in your post, in the same way you would on social media. Just type @ followed by the name of the person you would like to mention, and select their name when it appears. 

3. The Location
You'll only see the Location menu if you clicked "Start a conversation" on the homepage of the Community - so don't worry if you can't see it!

Here, you can select where your post should be published. Click to bring up the choices, and choose the place that matches the topic of your post. 

Once you've done these three things, you've got the basics of your post covered! You can now use the blue "Post" button to submit your post.

💡TIP: What happens next?


Your post is now available for other community members to see and read! You can safely go and do other things, we'll send you a notification when anyone responds to your contribution. 

If you spot a mistake or want to make a change, you can edit your post. 

But if you want to go even further, there's a variety of extra features you can use that will help your post stand out - and increase the chances of getting lots of responses.

4. Associated Products
If your post is about a specific SS&C Blue Prism product, you can associate it with that product here. This is a very, very useful thing to do - since it both lets other community members know which product (and version!) you are referring to in your post, and helps us keep the Community tidy.

Simply start typing the name of the product you want to associate, then click it when it appears in the list.

5. Labels 
Labels are a way of telling other community members what kind of post you've created. For example, if your post is asking about the MVP program, you might want to use the "MVP" label.

Using Labels helps to make the Community's search capabilities stronger. You can also click any Labels you see on posts to view a list of all contributions to the community which share that Label.

6. Email me when someone replies
By default, this option is checked, and we think it's always best to leave it on. If you turn it off, we want notify you when someone replies to your post - and you might miss something important. 

That's all there is to creating a post! 

Thanks for bringing your voice to our Community. This shared space becomes more and more valuable with every question, discussion and thought contributed - and it's great to have you with us!

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