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Community Team
Community Team

How to make our Community a great place to be.

Welcome to the SS&C Blue Prism Community. It’s great to have you with us!

Our community exists to help everyone working with SS&C Blue Prism to do stronger work. By taking part in sharing ideas, advice, expertise and examples of our work, we can collectively help you to succeed in your career. While we have a set of formal Community Guidelines that we expect all site members to adhere to, here are a few pointers to make this collaborative space a great place to be.

Start with kindness 💙

Though we often talk about AI, automations and digital workers, please remember that the people who are doing the talking are human just like you. The things you say in our community can have both practical and emotional impact on other people, so it’s important that you approach every conversation with kindness, humility and inclusion.

Everyone here has different levels of technical knowledge, so please offer sincere assistance, express gratitude for insightful contributions, and exercise patience.


Be sure to give back ♻️

Our community thrives when the people who use it are generous with their time and knowledge. If someone here has helped you, seek to “pay it forward” by sharing something you know, or offering your support to others in the community. This can be as simple as clicking the “Kudos” button on a post you enjoyed!

Please don’t just pass through, we need your voice and expertise here too. For ideas on how to contribute to our community, join our welcome group here.


Respect privacy 🔏

Remember that both people and organizations have rights to privacy. Don’t share anyone else’s personal information, or post content that you do not have a right to post. Be mindful that our community is open to all, so don’t share anything that you wouldn’t be comfortable sharing in public.

Please also remember to respect the terms of any confidentiality agreements you’re a party to.

Keep it suitable for work 🏢

Most people use our community as part of their professional career. Never post content that isn’t safe for someone to browse whilst they’re working.

Take care when using AI 🤖

It’s okay to use language models and AI assistant tools to help you write and translate contributions to the community. We know these tools can be very useful, particularly if you struggle with English. However, we ask that you take an extra degree of care in using these tools – they are prone to mistakes, hallucinations, and falsehoods.

Always ensure that your posts represent you. We’re all here to interact with humans, so AI should never be used as a substitute for your learned expertise and opinion. We also ask that, if you use an AI model to generate text or images, you indicate this in your contributions.

Getting product support 🆘

Whilst employees of SS&C Blue Prism may contribute here, the majority of answers and information shared is provided by our customers, partners, students and other people interested in our technology. Always remember that humans can be confidently wrong. It is your responsibility to apply good judgment to any information you choose to utilise in your work.

If you need expert help with a business-critical issue, we recommend that you contact our support team.

How we handle breaches of these rules

Our community team is responsible for ensuring that everyone who uses this shared space is kept safe, feels comfortable being here, and finds our community useful. We ask you to play your part in keeping our community clean by using the 'Report inappropriate content' option on any post you think breaks these rules to alert our team.

Thank you

Sharing knowledge, inspiring others with our ideas, and helping each other be successful isn’t just a cornerstone of our community – it’s what humans do best. We can’t thank you enough for helping to build this space together with your fellow automation enthusiasts. We’re glad you’re here, and we can’t wait to hear your voice. If you’re looking for a place to get started, come and say hello in our Welcome Space 👋


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