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Community Team
Community Team

Submit new features and improvements for consideration on our development roadmap

Your ideas have been helping us make SS&C Blue Prism better for everyone since 2019, and our product management team regularly meet to consider community-created ideas for our development roadmap. 

In this article, we'll cover:



How to see if your idea has already been submitted

Your first step when submitting a new idea should always be to see if a similar idea has already been shared. There's 2 very good reasons for this:

  1. It will save you time
  2. If there is a similar idea already, you can add your vote to it, making it more likely to be considered than if you were to submit a new idea from scratch

To search for ideas, click here and use the search bar at the top of the screen.


How to add your vote to an existing idea

If you find an idea which you think should be worked on by our product team, you can add your vote to it. The more votes an idea receives from the community, the more likely it is to be considered for inclusion in our roadmap. 

To vote on an idea, just click the thumb up button in the bottom-left of the post:



How to add your thoughts to an existing idea

If you like an idea, but would like to leave a comment for the product team to consider (for example, a small edition to the suggested feature), you can add your comment by clicking the Comment button. You'll be taken to a screen where you can write your thoughts and add them to the idea:


How to create a new idea

If you've ran a search and can't find any ideas similar to yours, it's time to create a new idea!

To get started, navigate to the Product Ideas and click Suggest an Idea:


You'll then be taken to a screen where you can write the detail for your idea. 


Idea writing best practices

In the past few years, we've gathered some hints and tips that tend to make ideas get noticed and adopted. Following these tips will give your idea the best chance of success:

  • A great title: The title of your idea is what will attract other community voters to it, and also signals to our product team what your idea is about. Try to summarise what your idea aims to change into a single sentence, then use that as your title.

    For example: "Automatic Ordering in Scheduled Processes" would make for a great title on an idea.


  • Include a "problem statement": Understanding why your idea is needed crucial to both getting votes from other community members, and having your idea approved by the team. Try to include a statement on the problem you face which could be solved by your idea. 

    For example: "When I click on a process, it allows me to set the next process that will run on that schedule after the currently selected process finishes. The trouble is that the processes can be arranged in any order under the name of the schedule, even if that order isn't representative of their running order."

  • Associate your idea with a product: When writing your idea, you'll have the option to associate your idea with one or more products. To do this, type the products which your idea would benefit into the Associated Products box, and select the relevant products when they appear:



    This makes sure that everyone knows which products your idea will impact. 

Once you're happy with your idea, you can submit it using the "Post" button. Congratulations, your idea is now available for everyone else to see and vote on!


Idea statuses

As ideas are considered by the product team, they'll receive different statuses to show which stage of the process they're in. Here's on overview of the idea consideration process:


Here's what the different idea statuses mean:

  • New
    This idea is new to the community and hasn’t been reviewed yet. While in the New stage, it is particularly important to vote and comment to further the discussion around this idea.

  • Duplicate
    This idea already exists! A change to the Duplicate status will include a comment linking to the existing idea, so all voting and feedback can be collected in one place.

  • Need More Info
    We’ve reviewed this idea, and we need a bit more information before deciding on how to move forward. An update to the Need More Info status will be accompanied by a comment explaining which additional details are needed. Ideas are still open for voting and comments while in the Need More Info stage.

  • Reviewed
    We have all the info we need and are planning to review the idea for implementation feasibility and value added to the product. Ideas with this status are still open to community voting and discussion.
  • Under Consideration
    We have all the info we need and are currently considering the feasibility of implementing this idea. Ideas in the Under Consideration status are still open to community voting and discussion.

  • Not Planned
    We’ve reviewed this idea, and determined that it’s not feasible to implement right now. Ideas in the Not Planned status are no longer open for voting.
  • Planned
    We’ve reviewed this idea and have determined that it will be delivered in the near future. Ideas in the Planned status are not attached to a binding timeline, but there is a concrete plan to implement this idea.

  • Planned-Later
    We’ve reviewed this idea and have estimated that it will be delivered in approximately 12-24 months.

  • Planned-Next
    We’ve reviewed this idea and have estimated that it will be delivered in approximately 6-12 months.

  • Planned-Now
    We’ve reviewed this idea and can confirm that this is planned for delivery in the next 6 months.

  • Delivered
    Congrats! Your idea has been accepted by the team and is now delivered! Give yourself a pat on the back – you contributed to the improvement of one of SS&C Blue Prism’s products or services.

You can see the status of each idea at the top of the post:



Thanks for adding your voice to our product development!

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