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Status: Not Planned
Hi Team,

Currently, whenever one tries to view all his older posts they can only see the last 99 posts and if someone else tries to see the contributions of anyone they are only able to see last 50 posts of that person.

There should be a pagination functionality that allows us to see all our older posts as there can be a lot of useful content to check as a reference even in future.
with the contribution from community member are increasing - there should be a smart way to see all those post/information shared.

@Melanie Giuliani
Level 12
To be fair: the search capabilities in the BP community are shaky at best. So I usually find what I needs by using one of the large search engines out there. 

But, I'm always for improvement so you got my vote!
Community Team
Community Team
Hi Devneet

Thanks so much for sharing your idea. We also believe this is a good idea but unfortunately there’s no capability to implement this feature right now with our current platform.

We’ve marked this idea as Not Planned as it’s not possible right now but we’ll review this again in the future. 

Many thanks!


Hi Team,


Wanted to check with the new release of the community platform now, can this idea be reviewed as it will be very helpful especially for those members who have contributed variety of solutions in past and would want to refer the same quickly going ahead!



Community Team
Community Team

Hi @devneetmohanty07!

With the new platform, you can now see all posts a user has made - but it requires repeated clicks of the "View More" button on your profile page:


From your post though, it sounds like your actual need here is to be able to quickly revisit solutions you have either posted or been provided with in the past. I reckon we might be able to add a feed of those things (and it's aligned to some thoughts I was having about a "superuser" specific view). In the meantime - I want to highlight the community's "bookmarks" feature...


How to create a bookmark

Whenever you're looking at a post that you think you might want to return to later, you can create a bookmark by opening the options menu on the post and selecting "Bookmark":


Once that's done, you will be able to find your bookmarked content in the Bookmarks & Subscriptions page of your Community Settings:

We can also play around with Bookmarks in the community design (for example, by creating a widget so that you can see your bookmarks on the homepage) if this feature meets your needs. 

Let me know what you think, lots of options for us to solve this problem. I'd love input from the wider community too.

Hi @Michael_S ,

The new Bookmark feature sounds great to implement though wish we could have some sort of automatic way of doing it, just an extra step to keep in mind for now but I think it would solve the issue that I highlighted. Can you just confirm once if we have any limits to it or not as previously when I posted this idea one limitation that I saw was that yes, we could see older posts but not more than a specific threshold which was 99 posts. I hope we do not have this restriction with the Bookmark feature or the View More pane which I can test and let you know.

Community Team
Community Team

@devneetmohanty07 No limits to either of those features as far as I'm aware 🙂