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Error using Object studio

Level 2

Getting this error while creating object and calling external website like facebook, dont know what to do
Tried in all way but still showing the same below error. Someone please check on this
Internal : Failed to perform step 1 in Navigate Stage 'Login' on page 'Initialise' - No element matched the query terms


Level 12

Hi Raja,


It sounds like you have added  navigate stage called 'login' in initialize page. can you share  the details about how you are launching the site like what are the inputs(Path, Command line params, path) you are passing when you are  Launching the website.

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Hi Harish,

I am newly learning blueprism with help of Youtube tutorials in that only am using but for me its showing error , pasting the youtube link (Blue Prism) Part 21 Continuation : Working With Navigate, Wait , Write Stages in Object Studio ( from this part only checking, if you have time please check and help me



The error message you are receiving suggests that one of the web elements (fields) you are trying to read or write is not defined properly in the Application Modeller. I've taught dozens of people how to develop in Blue Prism and at least 25% of those people make the same mistake (especially in login screens) that they spy the fields after they have put in test data into them and the "Web Text" attribute is spyed with a value in it.

I'm not saying that this is definately your problem but it is something to check. Go into your Application Modeller, go to an element and click on the "Match ?" text in the second column of your "Attributes" grid. This should sort all the attributes with the selected attributes at the top. Go through all your elements and check that "Web Text" attribute is blank where it should be or have the proper value if there is a default value for the field.

Sometimes it's just better to uncheck the "Web Text" attribute if you are checking the value in the field in a Wait afterwards.

Micheal Charron
Toronto, Ontario