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Return message body using IMAP (Asset POP3/SMTP/IMAP v10.3.3)

Level 3


I am looking to extend the functionality of the IMAP/POP3/SMTP email asset ( )

I cannot use POP3 on my client site due to the way it works with files, so I am restricted to the IMAP/SMTP actions.

The object contains the action 'IMAP List Messages' which nearly carries out the functionality I require - this returns a collection with From Name, From Address, Subject, Date Sent & MessageID.

Two questions then;

1) For the short-term, how can edit the code in this action to return the message body as well?

2) For the long-term, where can I request more functionality added to the asset?

Thanks for any responses.

- [FirstName]


You can post your suggestions in the Ideas portal (LINK HERE) for future versions of our product.

Level 3

Thanks for the link Luis.

I have figured out the message body here, extending the code with an extra line

Message_Body = result.HtmlBody;

now retrieves the body of the mail including HTML.

A follow-on question if anyone is reading. I'm looking to get the received timestamp as DateTime instead of Date. I could also make use of the 'To' address if it could be pulled.

- [FirstName]