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Foundation Training: Error - No link from node 1 / cannot create a link from there

Level 2
Edit: I figured it out, the node was missing because of the settings in Wait. I am sorry, you can delete this question if you'd like.


 I am on section 6 of the Foundation Training and have faced a problem.

When I add a wait-item it does not look similar for me and on the instruction-video. 

When I add a wait-item there shows up one circle with "wait1" and a line to the next circle "timeout1". No node or link.

So I added a node in the middle of these two circles and added a link from the node to "End".

When I try to link from the "Wait" circle it says "Cannot create a link from there".

The Error message I get is this: 

Internal : AMI error occurred in Wait Start Stage 'Wait - Log In Window' on page 'Log In' - Not Connected

How do I fix this problem? Can anyone help me? I don't know why my wait-item looks different from the video.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Maria.

No problem posting this and thank you for sharing your solution.