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How to include multiple Folders in the Get Received Items(Basic) Action in Outlook VBO.

Level 3

I am using Get Received items (Basic) action of the MS Outlook VBO. I have multiple sub folders to grab mails from. Can I use any expression in the sub folder option to achieve the same..?


   >Level 1

How can i get all mails from all these folders within a single action stage? Appreciate your help..

Boni Sahithi

Level 6
Hi Boni,

I don't think it is possible with the basic or advanced action. It looks like we only list the one folder option in the configuration. It is probably better to have multiple action stages to check each folder separately because if one folder has a lot of mail, it could fill up the memory and cause Blue Prism to crash. 

Maybe someone else will have a better option for you.

Gabe Marquez
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services
Blue Prism

You can only read from any subfolder inside Inbox and Send Items. If they dont are part of that structure or path, this will fail.

Luis Lopez
Customer Support Engineer English and Spanish
Blue Prism Ltd

You cant achieve this with single stage of outlook . Though you can still create a script\python code\outlook rule to achieve the same . But as others said it will create a hell lot of performance issues when BP will try to read that many mails at once.

Vipul Tiwari
Senior Process Simplification and Optimization Designer(Solutions Architect)
Fidelity International
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