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Queue Management - Referred - hopefully a quick query

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Hi, Im quite new to BP and am trying to understand the queue management , and the figures produced. I can see worked - which i assume is the cases worked including the failed ones ? pending - the work items yet to complete (but does this include retried?) and referred - Do these referrals decrease if a work item(s) are retried and sucessfully processed? Thanks for you helkp, ive been doing some digging through the portal but havent found anything yet Nick

Hi Nick - Worked is the items marked as complete (green tick). Referred is the items marked as exception (purple flag in BP v5). Pending is items not yet worked or in the deferred state (three dots). Deferring is where you put an item on hold to ensure it is not worked before a given time. When an exception item is retried, BP clones the item and injects a new Pending item into the queue next to the original, increasing the total number of items.