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Utility - Strings Business Object

Level 2
Good Afternoon Everyone,   I am new to Blue Prism development and am looking for documentation on Utility- Strings Business Object. I would need some additional help on the following actions in String Utility: Extract Regex Values InStr Split Text Remove Non-word Characters Test Regex Match Any assistance that you could provide me with is much appreciated. Many Thanks, Bharath Murali

Level 3
  Hope this helps to get you going- Extract Regex Values - Extracts the string from target string that matches the regex pattern. On rpaforum there is a detailed explanation. Check this link InStr - Instr(""String"", ""Sub-string"") returns the position of sub-string in the string if match exists Split Text - used to split the string passing a delimiter Remove Non-word Characters - This helps in trimming the non-word characters on either side of the string Test Regex Match - returns true if the matching pattern exists in a string   Thanks!