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Access is denied interfacing with application launched in Chrome

Level 4

I have a process that launches a URL using Chrome and runs on a schedule. There is a login agent that runs approx 6 minutes before my process runs. When the schedule runs and I am not logged onto the HVD itself, the process is throwing the following error message, when attempting to enter login information. However, when I log onto the HVD, I can see my process running perfectly fine on the schedule. Could something have changed on my HVD that might  have caused this? There are enterprise updates that occur on these machines behind the scenes. My process was installed on 5/9/22 and everything was working without issue until 6/7. There were no subsequent code changes after the initial install. Any ideas as to what may be happening?


ERROR: Internal : Failed to perform step 2 in Navigate Stage 'Enter user id and password' on page 'Login' - Access is denied



@June Siravo I have encountered similar scenario before. In my case the issue was with the login agent not functioning properly. If the machine is not in a logged in state before your Main process runs, you are likely to get such an error.​