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Blue Prism Integration with Google Cloud Platform

Level 2

Hey everyone on Blue Prism!

I'm working on a project right now that uses Blue Prism with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) stuff. Since I'm always looking to learn more, I'm thinking about getting a blue prism certification google cloud platform certification too.

Anyone out there have experience putting these two together? I'd love to hear some tips on:

  • The best ways to connect Blue Prism with different GCP services
  • Any problems you ran into while setting things up and how you fixed them
  • Which GCP certification would be most useful for someone who uses Blue Prism 

Thanks a bunch for any advice you can share!


Community Team
Community Team

@benjonson - I've moved your post into our product help forum, and am giving it a bump because it got mistakenly caught in our spam filter, and I'd love to see you get a response on this one.