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Break on Exceptions

Level 2

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if I enable the "Break on Exceptions" option, it will mean that BluePrism will stop at all exceptions?

How about the breakpoints in the process? If I enable the option then run a sub-page from the Main page with "Step Over" and an exception occurs within the sub-page, but there is a "global" Recover stage on the Main page (which should normally catch the exceptions occurring on the sub-pages, will the process stop at the breakpoint at that Recover stage, or it will jump into the subpage to the action that caused the exception?

I am asking because I need to test a process with the participation of people from the Business Area so I do not want BluePrism to jump to the stage that is causing the exception (on the sub-page) but I want the process to stop at the breakpoint at the Recover stage on the Main page.

In this case should I enable or disable the "Break on Exceptions" option? If I disable it, will the process stop at the breakpoint on the Main page or continue with the process until the end?

Thank you

Roland Berta

Level 5

Hi Roland,

If you set "Break on Exceptions", Blue Prism will treat every exception as if it had a breakpoint set. So, in your example, the exception happens in a sub-page and execution will pause there, before the exception is "bubbled up" to the main page. 
By the sound of it, you don't want this behaviour, so switch "Break on Exceptions" off. You can still set breakpoints manually wherever you want them. These breakpoints will pause execution regardless of whether you have "Break on Exceptions" switched on or off.

Hope this helps.

Andrew Pascal

Hello Roland,
To achieve the expected behavior, perform the following steps:
1. Disable the Break on Exceptions option
2. Activate the "Break point" option in the specific actions on the main page, for monitoring.

Leonardo Soares
RPA Developer Tech Leader
Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil

Hi Andrew & Leonardo,

Thanks for your reply. Okay, I remember that last time when we ran a test (and I did not enable Break on Exceptions), the process kept on running until the End stage on Main page but I realized now that the breakpoint was not there at the Recover stage. I thought that even if the breakpoint is there, the process will ignore it if Break on Exceptions is not set but it is my bad, I added the breakpoint now.


Roland Berta