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Browser Mode Issue - Upgrade from v7.01 to v7.1.1

Level 2
Hello community,

we currently upgraded our BP installation from v7.0.1 to v7.1.1 (latest) and we're experiencing issues regarding the browser automations. 

Specifically, some actions (like 'Click) on elements (such as Hyperlink (web) ) doesn't work anymore. As such, this affects our automations. A possible workaround would be to re-capture all the elements that doesn't work as expected anymore, but this is not a serious solution (think about an organization that has more than 100 processes). 

Has anyone experienced a similar behavior ? What could affect the normal operation? 

Note: we have check all the upgrade notices and browser add-on compatibility matrix. 

Thanks in advance

Hi Anastasios,

Based on the scenario you describe, this behavior is likely due to one of the limitations of MV3-based browser extensions - the removal of support for interaction with links that contain a JavaScript 'href' reference. In MV2-based extensions (like the Blue Prism browser extensions for versions prior to v7.1), this type of link was able to be clicked via a Navigate Stage 'Click' action. In MV3-based extensions, these links are blocked from being interacted with by a new MV3 Content Security Policy -- you can open the Console/Developer view in the browser and see the following message when one of these links is attempted to be interacted with via an MV3 browser extension:

If you can confirm this is the case in the scenario you describe, there are a few known workarounds in Blue Prism for this issue to account for the new MV3 requirements:

- If you have access to edit the page being automated (i.e. if this is an internal site or webapp), moving the javascript from the href attribute to an onclick attribute and updating the href attribute to be # appears to work well. This can be done in the handleClickElement message handler.
- Utilizing Region Mode for these types of links (i.e. the Actions 'Global Mouse Click' or 'Global Send Keys' - 'Tab'+'Enter' on the link) is a known workaround.
- Utilizing UIA Mode for these types of links is a known workaround in certain cases.

It is also important to note this is not a limitation that Blue Prism has introduced. Our intention was to state MV3 has limitations in our documentation (the KB article about the MV3 Announcement) -- 7.1 extensions support MV3, and the switch to MV3 is needed by January 2023. With the introduction of the MV3-based browser extensions in v7.1/v6.10.5 now, our Product team is trying to give customers all the information with plenty of time to make a choice to update in time for the mandatory change, with as much lead time as possible for any necessary re-development efforts to account for these changes.