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Changing credential manger password

Level 4

Hi ,

I have a requirement to change the blue prism credential manager password through query or API. Is possible to change by using the other ways. Can anyone help me on this. It's very important.

Vikram Ramesh

Hi Vikram,

Unsure about the API but you can run a SQL query against the database to change User Passwords. There is a sequence of commands needed. I would open a GCS ticket to inquire about the SQL.


Christopher Potvin
Senior RPA Developer
SS&C Blue Prism

Level 11

Updating the password in Credential Manager in Blue Prism client?

"C:\Program Files\Blue Prism Limited\Blue Prism Automate\AutomateC.exe" /dbconname "BP Connection Name" /user "BP user" "BP pw" /updatecredential "Credential Name" /username "New Cred User" /password "New Cred PW"

/dbconname can be omitted if there is only one connection defined or if most recently used connection should be used

/user "BP user" "BP pw" is used to authenticate in BP. if SSO is used instead of user/pw then this parameter should be replaced by /sso

/username this will update the user in the credentials and can be omitted in case the user stays unchanged

/password sets the new password in credentials

More options can be found here

Command line options (

Walter Koller
Solution Manager
Erste Digital / Erste Group Bank