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Excel workbook showing but not activating

Level 2
Hi All, I'm using Excel to collate data that has validation built into a Macro. Upon opening the workbook and using the show action the workbook is opening and visible on the toolbar for Windows, however it isn't activating to the front of the screen. When using a send keys shortcut to activate the Macro it doesn't run the macro as the workbook isn't activated. Is there a way to activate the workbook so it comes to the front? Thanks James

Level 2
Hello James, Have you tried using MS EXCEL VBO and then using its Action ""SHOW"" after opening the same workbook? It should show the workbook in front. Thanks.

Level 2
Hi, Yeah the show action is the first thing after open the workbook in the flow. It starts flashing on the toolbar but not coming to the front of the screen.

Level 3
Hi, we are experiencing the same problem. Does anyone know a solution?

Level 4
To run a macro I would go for the Run Macro action available in the MS Excel VBO. If you really need to bring Excel to the front, I would create a new Windows object that would attach Excel, spy the Excel window and use the Activate action of the Navigate stage to bring it to the front.

hi Radoslav, could I know how to spy an Excel window? thanks.

Level 5
Hi Liu, You can use the application modeler to model Excel as an application in a new object. Post that, identify the window and use it to activate Excel.

Level 4
As Shreyans is pointing out, all you need to do is to create a new Windows based application object in BP and then spy Excel using the Win mode.

Hello All,

I faced a similar activation issue when trying to capture an Excel screenshot. Instead of resorting to spying, you can employ an alternative solution. The trick here is to open another sample workbook using the 'Open Workbook' action and then use the 'Show' action. This will bring both workbooks to the forefront. After completing this step, you can proceed to close the sample workbook.