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Experiencing "RPC Server Not Available" Issue When Sending Email via Outlook in Blue Prism

Level 5

Hi ,

We have been encountering an issue recently while trying to send emails through Outlook using Blue Prism, However this is not happening frequently.

Error Message "RPC Server Not Available."

Below is the current flow of Process

  1. Bot reads multiple emails
  2. Completes the task
  3. Sends successful/failure emails at the end of Process.

We have checked the configuration settings in Blue Prism, ensured that Outlook is set up correctly, and even tried restarting the Virtual Machine, Blue Prism and Outlook, but the problem persists. 

Has anyone else faced a similar issue before? Thank you in advance for your help


HI Nikhil,

One thig I would suggest is to retry it if this error happend, we have noticed similar error in the past but not while sending email though, but we retried the item if we encountered this item after few minutes, which will resolve it

You can also check below KB aricle from blue prism. 
Once you open the link it will ask to sign in > Select customer login > Use same portal credential to access the KB article




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Harish Mogulluri