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Get Worksheet as Collection Offset error - not reading headers

Level 4
hi there! Does anyone else get this weird error: We are reading a table from Excel a collection - using Excel VBO/Get Worksheet as Collection Offset. The table is located in A5. Now. we experience weird error, where - if we had ANY data (header) above line 5 it will work fine, otherwise it will read the table, taking everything from 1st row (A6-N6) as headers. Which is then useless as we are using dynamic table (no columns are prescribed when the collection is initialised).. Did anyone experience the same problem with this object/functionality? How did you fix it? One of proposed fixes (rather crude) is to populate A1 with any value (current date for example) at the top of the VBO code, but i was hoping someone would have corrected the faulty VB code by now.. Regards

Level 10
Check if A1 is blank, then set its value to anything you like, then run your Excel VBO/Get Worksheet as Collection Offset action. It does stupid stuff like: Dim cell as Object = ws.Range(Start_Cell) Dim r as Object = ws.UsedRange.Offset(cell.row-1,cell.column-1) r.Select() r.Copy() If your Start_Cell is A5, UsedRange is something like A5:Z100, after offset, actual range you are readding is A9:Z104

Level 4
Thanks aikudino. Exactly what we were thinking.. Having come from a field where coding excel macros were daily bread I find the VBOs to be rather... basic..  Regards