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Google Chrome Extension Doesn't work Always

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Hello every body,

We've had some issuses with the Google Chrome Extension, sometimes it doesn't work or it is working and in the middle of the execution it fails, I'm using a virtual machine with windows 2012 server.

Sometimes the extension crash and the whole process fails because it's impossible interact with the GUI, our "solution" is restart the virtual machine and the extension works again, but it's so unstable because we don't know when it's going to fails. Right we have a big deal, our runtime in dev environment has an issue with the extension and it fails meanwhile it's running (so crazy), it's a big deal because our "solution" (restart the VM) doesn't work and we don't know how to solve this problem.

PD: I know that is the extension because I tried to identify things with the browser mode in the object when the process fails and it's impossible but when we restart the VM, it works.

PD2: It happens when I run the process from control room, when i run the process from the own process (pressing the play button) it works.

Somone else has this problem? 

Sorry for my English, I'm not a native.

Thank you for read this post

Oscar Celio Avila Castellanos
Ingeniero de sistemas

Hi Oscar,

The solution is you may need to perform a reboot of the Resource machine,  that will free up the connection and allow the Process to connect to Chrome via either Control Room or Studio.

When performing Chrome spying/interation of a Process via Studio, the Process is run via the local Resource. The local Resource would initially open the connection and occupy it, and that local Resource would then hold on to Chrome via that connection. If you do not perform a reboot of the Resource machine after your local resource get connected, your next attempt to run the Process from Control Room on the same machine will cause a failure, as the connection had already been opened  and occupied by the local Resource, a new connection to Chrome from control room cannot then be initiated.

We have a support center article to describe the issue and solution here:

Hope this helps.

In Joe Khor
Sr. Product Consultant
Blue Prism
In Joe Khor Sr. Product Consultant Blue Prism

We are having similar issue. But in our case, it consistently happens just in debugging or just via control room. 

Our Process attempts to login to an app and then log outs and closes the browser and after the process performs few sub-process executions, it attempts to launch chrome and login again. 
Even with a reboot on the VM, the first part of the process only works and the second sub-process fails in identifying the selectors to login.

We have tried all 3 extensions available on the chrome store. We are on BP 6.7. 

Is there any way to dispose off the chrome connections after the browser is closed through or c#? 

This is severely impacting our production timelines.

Phani Jaladi

Any time something is impacting production, the Blue Prism Support team can prioritize helping on issues, so personally I wouldn't rely on forum responses for something like this. We can definitely give suggestions, but if I were you, I'd go ahead and submit a support ticket to Blue Prism and indicate it's for issues in the Production environment and set the impact level to whatever makes sense for you.

Blue Prism usually reaches out pretty quickly and will get on a call with you and troubleshoot in real time.

Dave Morris
Cano Ai
Atlanta, GA
Dave Morris 3Ci at Southern Company Atlanta, GA

1. Check if your BP version is compatible with your chrome version (link below): 
Chrome, Edge, and Firefox integration (

2. Chrome runs on multiple instances, check if the object attaches to the correct instance. You can build a mechanism to check whether a test model works on a given instance (you need  attach by process ID)

Tomasz Sukiennik
RPA Developer
Digital Teammates

Hi Mate,

Please refer to How to fix Chrome Edge Blue Prism extension issue

Hope this helps,

Rohit Srivastava
Account Manager
Midland Credit Management