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HTML drop down not refreshing the page

Level 5
We have a dropdown selection on a web page with the selection being 'Load' , 'Discount' , 'None'.  The functionality around this dropdown is that when a user selects 'None' , then a value on the page is set to 0.00

If Blue Prism uses the 'Navigation' action with 'Select Item' and then selecting 'None' as the value , then the dropdown is changed to reflect this , but the page does not refresh the value to 0.00

I managed to get around this by spying the dropdown as an AA element , global mouse clicking and then global send keys None, which would cause the page to change correctly.

Unfortunately , we have had to move to edge running IE mode and we can no longer spy the dropdown as an AA element and interact with it

Has anyone got any tips on getting the page to refresh after selecting the dropdown ?

Level 3
You can try to re-spy the element in another mode if possible. And regarding the page to refresh, you have already cracked it. Global send keys is the answer to these kind of situations. So re-spy, set focus, followed by the global send key actions can solve it.