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Login agent suddenly not working (for no obvious reason)

Level 3

I am experiencing a very annoying bug when the log out function is executed. The resource is showing as 'disconnected' and will not get the 'logged out' icon in control room. Which means no scheduler can be initiated without my involvement.

I have done some troubleshooting and cannot find the cause for this issue. I have restarted app-server, interactive client and runtime resource several times. The login agent service seems to be running but for some reason 'nothing' is happening to the resource status. 

No changes has been made to the servers or blue prism. The logout function worked just fine until last Thursday.

Anyone knows how to approach this issue? Any help is much appreciated.

Best regards,


Level 10

Hi Mats,

First ensure if the ports are still open for communication (as you mention nothing has changed on machine). It might be worth checking if the Login Agent Service are running, you can further verify the login agent config on the resource, I also recommend you enable logging for Login Agent.

Advanced installation and configuration (

Troubleshooting Login Agent (


Gopal Bhaire

Hi, Mats,

unfortunately, I do not have an answer for you I just want to share my story which is kind of similar. 

My login agent worked flawlessly for a year and then for no obvious reason stopped working in a way that runtime resource could not be logged in. It was visible but Login process always failed with the same message - time out.

After turning on all the detail logging for Login Agent, talking to BP support not finding any reason (of course, restarting everything) after a week it started to work for no obvious reason.



Zdeněk Kabátek
Head of Professional Services

I found the solution to the issue. The SSL certificate on the runtime was expired and needed to be renewed. In addition to this - The user on the RR needed read access to the certificate and the log in agent config file needed the old thumbprint replaced with the new one.

Mats Østvig