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Microsoft Patching/Updates

Level 3
Hi all

Keen to get some thoughts on people's thoughts on Microsoft patching, more specifically around when patching takes place - is there any specific process you follow/implement to mitigate any (potential) negative impacts/harmful patches?

For desktop patches, these can of course be applies to Dev/UAT regions to allow some testing before being rolled out to Prod machines - fine.

But for domain controllers/server patching, I have been advised there is not much we can do to be proactive as we cant apply these anywhere to test before rolling out into Prod. This feels it is a bit "pot luck" to me and a general acceptance that the RPA estate will go "down" if we have an issue with patch which will just need "troubleshooting and fixed" as/when.

Does anyone else have this issue...or is this just something that is commonly 'accepted' for companies that use RPA?

Appreciate any thoughts/opinions.


Kevin Mckenna
Transformation Operations Manager
BNP Paribas

Hi Kevin,

There is an issue with a few patching and Blue prism will be posting related to the same. But in most of the patches, there are no issues found. It's always good to update from a lower to a higher environment.

Amlan Sahoo
Senior RPA Consultant
Amlan Sahoo

Level 3

Hi Kevin,

Did you ever find other options? I am also curious about this.