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Move a mail from one email Inbox to a different one

Level 3

Hi all,

I need to move an email from one inbox to another one. This is different from forwarding the email itself, since I need to preserve the original content of the message (i.e. if we forward an email from the first to the second inbox, then we would change the email sender, and this is not acceptable). Thus I'd like to ask if there exist an object allowing me to:
-move an email from an inbox to a different one preserving all the original content of the message, or
-upload a previously downloaded email, with .eml extension, to an inbox, maintaining the original content.
I'll make an example in order to be more precise. Let's suppose we have address 1 as and address 2 as An email received in should be moved to without performing any forward operation.
I specify that I'm now using BluePrism objects to manage email inboxes, such as Outlook Exchange Web Services (EWS) and POP3SMTP: my goal is to manage emails interacting with them by server, so the frontend interaction with Outlook it to be excluded.
The application in use is Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 - Outlook, version 1808.
Thank you all for your support!

Hello Riccardo,
Check the "move item" action, as detailed.



Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil

Hi Leonardo,
the VBO object Microsoft Outlook VBO - Digital Exchange does not work via server (the Outlook client must be opened).

Do you know an object via server?

Kind regards,

Nicolò Ceccaroni

Hello Nicolò,

 Please check out this VBO:*3u67q2*_ga*MTUyNzQ4MjIxNi4xNzAyNDkwNzA3*_ga_MFBQ2KFZ1L*MTcwOTk0ODE5NS4yNjcuMS4xNzA5OTUwMzM3LjYwLjAuMA..

This VBO offers functionalities for interacting with Microsoft 365 - Outlook. Importantly, it is not necessary to have Outlook installed locally on the runtime resource. All communications are facilitated via the Microsoft Graph API between the VBO and Exchange Online.

Note: I haven't used it, but it appears to fulfill your requirements.


Leonardo Soares RPA Developer América/Brazil

Hi Leonardo,

with this object I cannot move an email to another mailbox.

Do you have other suggestions?