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Object Action - Process Dependency

Level 4
Hi, I am writing SQL queries to fetch the Process Page on which the Object Actions are consumed. I am not able to find the SQL Table which has Process page name and referencing of Object Actions. The query, I wrote, outputs the Process Name only(Not a specific page) on which the Object Actions are consumed. When I navigate to Studio> click Any Object> click Find references on Blue Prism UI, I can see Process Page and Stage on which Object Actions are consumed. I want something similar by writing a SQL query. can somebody help me with the correct SQL Table names to find Process Page Names and Object Referencing? Thanks,

Level 12
You'd have to parse the XML for the process.

Level 4
Is there any another way apart from extracting data from Process XML?

Level 2
Hi akjindal! This might help: select distinct  from BPAProcessActionDependency  pd,  BPAProcess p where pd.processid = p.processid      and pd.refProcessName = '' order by