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Object Losing a Particular Spied Element

Level 2
Hi All,

I have a process which logs into, and performs actions within, a windows desktop application.

I have spied a particular screen and its relevant elements. This works ok, with each element being highlighted ok. If I close and re-open the object, the elements are highlighted as expected.

Once I run the executor process and it reaches the point of using the particular object page, it cannot connect/attach to the spied screen. If I then open the object, and I try to highlight the spied screen, it cannot identify the screen.

Has anyone experienced this issue or a similar issue?

Thanks & Regards

Hi Matt,

I had a similar issue with one of my projects where the element attributes(parent URl,ID) were changing for every session on that application. Then we have to limit the identifying attributes which are static.

please check if it the case.

Level 10
Hi Mathews,

Please do re-spy the elements with minimum attributes that can be used to identify the element. else you will ran into similar situation more often

Level 3
Hi Matthew,

If the object is unable to connect/attach to application you need to correct your Application Model root element. When you try to attach, it should get attached to the application, if it did not attached, object will not work. Please check whether application path changed or process name changed.

Please provide more information to understand the problem.

Level 9
Hi @MatthewBates,

This issue generally occurs depending on the spying mode being used and also the spying attributes being used while working with the application. Always remember the golden rule "Lesser the attributes, greater the execution". 
Whenever you are calling any action stage, please make sure that attach page is being called before calling any specific action so that the application always gets attached/connected, if not connected already. While identifying the attributes, always make sure, parent related attributes are not selected (until n unless you didn't find any other unique attributes).