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Oracle apps forms

Level 4
I'm having trouble spying in Oracle apps forms. I've installed JAB and verified its working with JavaFerret. I can spy elements but i can't then highlight the element. I've tried selecting/deselecting various attributes, using descendtree and ignorenotshowing but nothing seems to work.    Has anyone has any success with this? Is it just a case of trial and error?

Level 15
Hi Kelly, well done running the tests with Java Ferret - you have gone several steps further before reaching out for help then most (which I appreciate!).  The fact ferret works should mean that Blue Prism's Java interface works. I have interfaced with Oracle forms apps before but it was years ago.   A few things to watch out for:  Where as ferret just works with any running Java app Blue Prism needs to be attached/connected to the correct process.  It is worth checking in Task Manager to see if there is more than one java exe running and make sure you are attached to the correct one;  I had an issue with Java apps once where elements could not be interfaced with until they were clicked into - so worth a bit of experimentation there (although I would expect some stuff to spy ok)..; 

Level 4
Thanks Denis, wasn't if i was missing something obvious, i'll take another look.