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Process getting stuck in warning at the 'Move' stage

Level 2

Hi All,

I have a process that deals with excel files. It opens the excel file from input folder, performs certain verifications of few cells, writes information in certain cells, saves the workbook and closes the workbook. After this, the excel file needs to be moved in another folder where all the processed files are kept.

In majority of the runs, everything goes well; but in some runs, the process gets stuck in the 'Move' action. Because this issue is occurring intermittently, I am not able to pin point the root cause when it happens.

Few things which I have tried:

1. Ensured that no other user opens the files at the time of bot runs (Even if file is opened, Move should give success flag as 'False', but still ensured this to prevent other users from opening the files)

2. Put in logic after Move stage to check 'success' and 'message' before proceeding (This doesn't help as the bot is getting stuck).

3. Added delay between the 'Close Instance' action and 'Move' action (This was done with the idea that, may be sometimes there isn't enough time between these steps and that's what is causing the process to get stuck at 'Move', but still issue is occurring.)


If anyone has experienced issues like this, it would be very helpful to know how those were resolved.

Please let me know if there are any other aspects that I need to look into.



Varad Kale

RPA Developer 


We are facing a similar warning stage issue and the bot gets stuck unless someone manually restarts the resource. In our case, it gets stuck in the Launch stage but behaviour is same as it was working fine from many days and now intermittently started getting stuck on warning stage.

In your case, I would suggest to try to use a small-sized Excel dummy file to eliminate any issues from excel side and confirm this has nothing to do with Excel.

Also, could you try to check event viewer logs on the machine where this is happening under Blue Prism section, that will give you error logs at the specific time when this error occurred.