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Running 2 different versions on 1 pc?

Level 2
I was wondering, is it possible to run 2 different versions of BP (5 and 6.4) on 1 pc? Servers are seperated of course, but will it perhaps give errors with config files locally?

Level 5
Install the v5 first. Copy all the contents of the installation folder (Blue Prism Automate) to another folder (similar to Blue Prism Automate v5). Now install the newer version now (previous version will be upgraded). Now you can open both the versions, by opening the 'Automate.exe' from the respective folders.

Level 5
To add to the above answer, I had an issue coming up which was that "C:\ProgramData\Blue Prism Limited\Automate V3\Automate.config" file seems a bit different from v5 to v6 so when you start v6 it will update the file and then later when you try to run v5 you get an error message. So to go around that I was keeping a copy of each version in different folders and I had 2 bat files to launch the respective versions of Blueprism. The bat file would copy the appropriate version of automate.config into the above folder and then launch it's respective version of Blueprism.