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Showing Vitrual Worker Perfromance in Power BI


I'm currently working on a Power BI dashboard using data from Blue Prism to assess the performance of the processes we automate. 

I want to generate stats on Virtual Worker performance (average work time, exception rates, etc) but I'm having trouble making links between data tables. 

For example, BPAWorkQueueItem does not contain a column for Resource as far as I can tell (despite resource being viewable per item when you look at the work queue items themselves in Blue Prism). How would you link each item back to the Virtual Worker that handled it? 

I can see that BPAAliveResources contains the UserID's for the workers/resources but not sure how to go about linking these to the work items?

Any advice or suggestion are appreciated. Thank you.



Hi Caitlin - You can trace detail like the resource (and process and user) via the IDs in the session that worked the item.


Note that the primary function of the database is to run automations, and 'expensive' MI queries could affect performance. You may want to run your queries during a quiet time, or see if you have an alternate source (eg a DB backup/mirror)