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Silverlight Application (windowless = true)

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Hi, we would like to automate a website which has a Silverlight application included. I had found this HowTo: I followed the instructions and got the following Information: ... How does it work to set the Parameter "windowless" false by using a public Javascript function?   Kind regards  

The browser automation guide gives instructions about how to inject javascript, but my understanding is that if a Silverlight application developer has selected to enable windowless mode they have in effect selected to make their application non-accessibile - the javascript invocation is not guaranteed to work (I have only know of it to be a usable option once).   I attach of a Silverlight invoke disable windowless action that I have know to work in a couple of places, and I have known not to work in a number of places.  This object should be seen as an example of what you can try but it is not a certified Blue Prism VBO and is therefore not supported by our product team.

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BTW - that last pssupport comment was done by me - I was logged in using the wrong account!   Den

can we get the VBO Here, am looking for the same

VamshiKrihsna Dasa
System Architect
Fujitsu India Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
VamshiKrihsna Dasa System Architect Fujitsu India Consulting Pvt. Ltd.