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Upgrade to 7.2: can I go from 32-bit to 62-bit

Hi, we are prepping for an upgrade from 6.10.4 to 7.2 (with a new install and migration strategy). What criteria should I be evaluating to decide if I should install the new version as 64-bit? I have some processes that make use of 32-bit e.g. a ODBC database driver (but there was a 64-bit option as well, so some rework required here).  Thanks in advance.

Stephanie Strydom


When you install your 32 bits Blue Prism, this is installed by default in the C:\Program Files (x86) folder.

So if you try to install the new 7.2 64 bits, this one will be installed in the normal C:\Program Files, so you will have 2 installations which will bring some issues.

The best will ve remove Blue Prism before the installation and just back up the folders just in case and the Database before any installation.

Install the new Blue Prism, and for testing, have a new database created to check that all works fine. Then connect to the new Database and do the upgrade of the Database.

As a best practice, you must start in a lower environment before applying it in other environments like Production.

Here is some additional FAQ regarding the upgrade.

If you need additional assistance, please get in touch with the Support Department.

Luis Lopez
Customer Support Engineer English and Spanish
Blue Prism Ltd