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Version Control

Level 6
Hi, Version control was mentioned yesterday at the Tech User Group. I had this idea for a change to Blue Prism, which wouldn't solve the problem completely, but seems quite simple and would help immensely. When you export an process/object or create a release package, BP adds into the xml the environment, user and timestamp. Then, when that is imported into the next environment, in the history, rather than show: 15/04/2016 07:43 Imported by Fred Bloggs it would show something like: 15/04/2016 07:43 Imported by Fred Bloggs, originally extracted from {environment} by {user} at {timestamp} Graeme

Level 15
That sounds like a good idea to me Graeme. Den

Level 6
I look forward to seeing it in the next v5 release then 😉

Level 4
I do think this is a great idea. This gets my vote.

Level 6
I hope something like this is included in version 6!

Level 3
Also as a version control attribute, a tick box next to the release (in studio) you want to use as active one would be perfect. For example if the latest release is broken, just choose the older one as the active one.

Level 3
Good idea! It would also help show some segregation of duties we have to abide in some companies. Furthermore, in my organization we have something called ""code review"" and we need to document that it was performed as it has become a control inside the company for safety measures. The way we chose to document is via a digitally signed e-mail containing components and timestamps where we apply segregation of duties and 4-eyes principle. Although it would be really good to have a ""right-click > approve version > *authentication pop-up*"" and have one of those signatures ribbons next to the approved version of the code identified by the user. Commenting on the version control topic because it is kind of a version control.