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Welcome to the new FS Community Group

Hi all,

Welcome to the new FS Community group. We will ensure we are posting information and useful material here.

To help break the ice, it would be great if we can introduce ourselves a bit and understand what you would like to see from the community. A suggested format is below... but please don't feel restricted to that.

Current role:
Where you're currently based:
Background in RPA/Tech:
What you would like to see from this group:"

I will kick this off, 

My current role is Asdvisory Customer Success Director at Blue Prism. Previously a customer of Blue Prism's with 9 years Automation experience, heading up an automation team for a large UK insurer. 
My role is to guide, mentor, coach and support our customer to achieve their RPA and IA goal through my previous experience and the tools Blue Prism provides.

I would love to see this as an active group where we can all share best practice, experiences (the good and the bad) and network as a group. 

Looking forward to chatting on the community site!


Emma Kirby-Kidd
Customer Success Director
Blue Prism