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Filtering Out of Scope Documents

I'm working with Decipher to classify documents but not to extract data. I have created DFDs and documents types to cover the valid documents that we want to recognise and decipher seems to be handling this mostly pretty well as long as I give it doc...

foehl by Level 6
  • 8 replies

Resolved! Find all unused Objects

I am looking for a way to find all Objects that are not referenced by any processes. I assume the best way would be a SQL query on the BP database, but after a bit of searching around in the tables I couldn't find an obvious way to achieve this. Does...

foehl by Level 6
  • 3 replies

Work Queue Lastupdated time not in sync

I wanted to fetch the "Last updated" time from the queue. For the same I went into Blueprism DB. There is a table named "BPAWorkQueueItem" which has a column named "lastupdated". But this is not showing the exact time as it is there in the workqueue....

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SRB by Level 2
  • 2 replies

Resolved! License utilization

We have 10 license and need to know how many hours each license has been used in a day.Already We have store procedure which give the details based on session and resource usage.We need data in below format :License 1 - 12 hr 22 minsLicense 2 - 10 hr...

Compile Utility Objects via Blue Prism APO

Hi,I need some help. I have hundreds of Blue Prism utilities on my development machine. Sometimes, while using the Code Stage, I need to update the utility object with new versions of DLLs. At this time, I want to check if my existing methods would f...

Resolved! Error Update BP Version

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.So I have a blue prism development environment on version 6.10.2, I don't have enough database permission to run the upgrade script, so the script was run by Sysadmin, when he tried to upgrade to version to 7.3 he ...

EmersonF_1-1714525302433.png EmersonF_0-1714525219884.png

Blueprism training installation issue

Hi Blueprism CommunityWe are reaching out for the deployment of training package on windows 11 package.We have been using the training package for Blueprism version 6.4.2 on windows 10 machine at our endWhen we are trying to use the same package to w...


Excel Macro not working

Hello all!I've started working with BluePrism RPA recently, and I'm facing an issue working with a Macro on Excel. I have created my object and when I try to test it, I've got the following error:The macro is public, I've enabled macros and try to in...


Remove Duplicate In Collection

Hi there, How to remove duplicate values from a collection. Let's say we have two column ( ID & NAME), if one id is having duplicate value then Bot should remove the complete row. Previously there are some discussion over community for this, but I di...

Strike out / Disable Objects

Hi All, I have v7.1.2 and I have few objects in which certain pages/actions inside the objects needed to be "disabled" or "Striked out". Where do I find the properties to do it.?  Thanks

Oracle Connection

Hi all, I want to connect to oracle DB from a client machine, I'm using OLEDB VBO to do this, the error is showing that the"'OraOLEDB.Oracle' provider is not registered on the local machine." I'm stuck in downloading the ODAC, can anyone help, please...

Resolved! Attach Issue In Blue Prism~Edge

Hi Experts,We are in a phase of migrating from Blue Prism V6.4 ~ IE to Blue Prism V6.10.4 ~ Edge.We are facing below two issues with our current environment (Blue Prism V6.10.4 & Edge V104.0.1293)1. The Extension used to remove by itself from the Edg...

Resolved! about excel VBO in latest version 7.3.0

Hi want to know how to get the excel VBO in the latest version of Blue Prism(7.3). while choosing the path of VBO we are able to find Digital Exchnage inside VBO folder. as i am unable to choose path for Excel VBO is it was not present in VBO folder....

RamkiN by Level 2
  • 7 replies