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test coverage


White building a test suite that will be used for validation or  for regression testing , it will be useful after running this test suite to have a kind of code coverage (or Process stages coverage)  information.

This code coverage can provide us with statistics like:

  • % of items in the process we didn't path through. (it will be a good coverage indicator)
  • A list of these Items so we can enrich our test and enhance our test coverage.
  • Number of times we passed in the same path or sequence, so we can optimise our test suite by reducing test without compromising quality.
  • Object and objects 'actions called during these tests.
  • Credentials not used, Queues not used, …
  • ….

This code coverage will also help identifying in production what objects are no more used and which paths in the processes we never go through in production. 

Anas Baroudi
ROM Architect
Blue Prism