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Level 11
Status: Reviewed

I just received a mail notifying me of a training that is going to expire soon. Since I am not able to complete or even start the training (I have just added it to my list for later) I wanted to clean my My Transcript of any training that I have added but I am not sure I will start any time soon.

...but I cannot do much to keep the trainings in My Transcript organized. 

I have used the 'Mark as outdated' on the training that is going to expire but this feature didn't do anything.

I wanted to remove other trainings not yet started but the only option is to 'hide' them. The meaning of 'hide' is not clear but it seems to remove the course from My Transcript. However I am still enrolled and I still see those courses in the Welcome Page. 

In the Welcome page courses related to me are shown in three categories: 

enrolled: says I am enrolled in 15 trainings. Although I removed all non-completed trainings from My Transcript and it should actually be 0. Three trainings are shown in the category, two are 'not yet started' and 'archived' 

in progress: says there are 10 trainings started. My Transcript shows me three with the status in progress. The Welcome Page shows me three trainings, two of them are archived.

There is a circle showing me the number of enrolled, in progress and completed trainings. Is says 14 not started (vs 15 in the 'enrolled' category) and 8 in progress (vs 10 in 'in progress' category)

When looking at the learning plans I see BP Dev Certificate (EN-2021). When opening this plan it says is it going to be replaced by EN-2023 but EN-2023 is not shown in learning plans (and can only be accessed when opening EN-2021 first).

Please add some feature so I can keep the courses related to me clean and tidy. Or automate some status changes and categorization like 

  • 'archived' category... to not mix those with still relevant trainings
  • close 'archived' courses so they are not 'in progress' for ever
  • remove 'enrolled' status when not in My Transcript anymore
  • update & sync numbers in Welcome Page so I don't see 10 courses 'in progress' while only three are valid and summary shows eight
  • add filter criteria for versions. I just tried to find courses for BP v7.1 I the results contain all courses that have '7' or '1' anywhere in their texts.
  • add preferred training language as profile preference so I don't have to filter on 'english' every time again
  • Add tags and descriptions to make clear what course is related to what versions of the products. The EN-2021 learning plans have trainings with similar names to the EN-2023 learning plan. No way to find the right one when trying to search directly for one of those trainings.
  • Create learning plans for product versions. eg If I am interested to learn all about BP using v7.1 I have no chance to find the right trainings. Would EN-2021 still be valid for 7.1? Is EN-2023 still be valid for 6.10.5?
  • ...

Some of those points can be easily be solved by adding and updating tags like the 'BP Dev Foundation' course staring with tag 'v6.9', later gets 'v7.0' added asf.


In My Activities / Courses in Active Enrollments, there are 58 courses (that are 6 pages) shown to me. I am not sure how this adds up with the numbers shown in Welcome Page (~15 enrolled, ~10 active... + 33 other courses?)

... in Archived Enrollments, there are 0 courses?!


I have enrolled for a learning plan but instead of having one entry in My Transcription I have each of the 12 courses separately listed. In order to start them in order I have to search for this learning plan manually... I also received 12 mail notification that I enrolled, not to the learning plan, but to each of the courses. 

Having one learning plan would be much better than 12 unordered courses and 12 mails. 


Hi Walter, 

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Please allow me some time to work through your points raised about the Blue Prism University transcript and courses you are enrolled into. 

Am I ok to contact you via your personal email to discuss this further if needed or to give you feedback on your queries. 

Thank you, 

Natalie Funke

Blue Prism University

Level 11

Hi @NatalieFunke, thanks for reviewing. Please feel free to contact me. It's much appreciated. Cheers