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Status: Planned-Later

We have a lot of requests in Interact and our back office aren't working fast enough. And now they are always picking the newest Interact Inbox. We have tried to make them click on ID to take the oldest first. But they forget after some weeks. And now we have requests that never go through.

An Inbox that remembers what the last user did will really help our customers to receive faster human-in-the-loop answers.


Hi Christer - Many thanks for your idea submission.  I am currently scoping the high level requirements for the Next Gen human-in-the-loop solution; so your idea around inbox behaviour will be added to those - we are keen to ensure that the solution best meets what our customers expect of a human-in-the-loop product, so this idea is very important to that understanding.
Many thanks


Level 2

Yes, one of our clients is also looking for the same feature in Interact as this will increase the efficiency to get quicker responses from the Interact users.