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Level 6
Status: New

In the v6.8 of Blue Prism we've noticed that Environment Variables of the Flag Data Type are auto-selected to True when highlighted even though the Current Value is False. This is also the case for the Evaluate Expression functionality within Studio. When using Evaluate Expression on Flag Data Items they are always set to True regardless if the Current Value is False. We'd much rather see that the Current Value is used in these type of scenarios. We haven't encountered the same case anywhere else but for Environment Variables and Evaluate Expression.

Hope the change can be reverted in future updates.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

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Level 4
In version of Blue Prism we also found a flag data item that evaluates as True in the Evaluate Expression window, even though the current value (and the initial value) are both False.  When stepping over the decision, it does correctly go down to the False route.

This seems more like a bug fix than an improvement idea to me!