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👉Blue Prism Documentation Spotlight- the endhanced search on Blue Prism Documentation


Welcome to the Blue Prism Documentation Spotlight, where we feature the comprehensive documentation resources available for our Blue Prism products.

Every month, we'll explore different sections of our documentation, highlighting key areas that can help you optimize your use of Blue Prism and stay ahead in the world of intelligent automation.

This month's feature is all about the enhanced, cross product and platform search on Blue Prism Documentation.

Our search function has been expanded to return results from other Blue Prism content platforms and has improved filtering to help you find the content you are looking for more quickly and easily. When you search for content in Blue Prism Documentation, as well as getting links to product documentation, results are now returned from, Blue Prism University, Communities, and the Digital Exchange (DX) – with one search, you can see everything available on a particular subject, whether that be a training course, a DX asset or an installation guide.

To further improve the user experience, filtering on search results has also been enhanced. Users can now refine the results by content platform, product and version number, and language, tailoring searches to the user’s preferences.

For more details about how to get the best out of our search, visit our Blue Prism Documentation page.

Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism