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💡Blue Prism Feature Spotlight-Enhancing Audit Oversight with Blue Prism Next-Gen!


Welcome to our Blue Prism Feature Spotlight!

Each month, we dive into one of the many innovative features of our Blue Prism products, showcasing how they can revolutionize your business processes and drive digital transformation.

This month we will be taking a look at Enhancing Audit Oversight with Blue Prism Next-Gen!

🚀Did you know that the Audit Logs page on Blue Prism's Next-Gen platform offers advanced features for monitoring both system and user activities? It provides customizable visibility, allowing users to tailor the display of logs and apply specific filters like date ranges or event types to streamline their review process. Perfect for maintaining thorough oversight with ease! 📊🔍

Discover more about Blue Prism's auditing capabilities! 

Next Generation 



Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism