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Design Authority

Level 2
Just curious as to why "the handover between the AS IS and TO BE design" is not included in design authority ?

Tahlia Callegari

Hi @TahliaCallegari,

If I remember the Design Control Checklist template provided by Blue Prism, you can see that they do have checklists revolving around the current 'AS-IS' solution and the sign off required for the 'TO-BE' solution. The handover aspect is usually taken care of while fulfilling the criterions mentioned in the below sample section of the DCC template which is a key responsibility of the Design Authority team to look at and fill up according to the organizational requirements:


Here one needs to make sure a process walkthrough and a follow-up PDD walkthrough session was held between the concerned business stakeholders and the Business Analyst. Developers can essentially be involved as well in these calls. Though they are not mentioned as separate bullet points in the checklist since you need to have the handover process to get the necessary sign offs which is understood internally, but you can always have them added explicitly if required.

For more details on this and to go through the DCC template, please visit the following URL: Design Authority

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Devneet Mohanty
Intelligent Process Automation Consultant | Sr. Consultant - Automation Developer,
WonderBotz India Pvt. Ltd.
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Devneet Mohanty,
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Wonderbotz India Pvt. Ltd.