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How can I get the BP resource status

Level 4
Hi ,

I need to get the correct status of the BP resource from which table I can get those information.

also please explain about the following columns in BPAResource table.

Mupps S

As per what I tried,

[processesrunning] = how many sessions are Pending/Running in the control room
[actionsrunning] = how many sessions are actually Running
[AttributeID] = Not sure as of now the meaning of this ID, I will post once I figure out.

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Thanks & Regards,
Tejaskumar Darji
Sr. Consultant-Technical Lead

The AttributeID is a foreign key on the BPAResourceAttributeID table.


Jack Look
Sr Product Consultant
Blue Prism

Level 2


Can Someone help me understand the meaning of blow Resource attributes.

AttributeID AttributeName
0 None
1 Retired
2 Local
4 Debug
8 Pool
16 LoginAgent
32 Private
64 DefaultInstance
128 Desktop
256 RemoteDigitalWorker

Thanks in advance!