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Possible to reset Foundation course?

Level 2
Hi - I completed the Foundation Training 2 years ago, then everything Blue Prism-related went on hold in my team. Now we're finally ready to work with Blue Prism and I'd like to retake the Foundation Training. However, the course shows as completed, all lessons are presenting as done, videos and slide decks are loading at the end, etc.

Is it possible to 'reset' the course? Otherwise, I have to manually reset each module in each lesson and manually track my progress. This wouldn't be a big deal for a short course, but seems overwhelming for a 50-hour course!

Community Team
Community Team
Hi @CathyCrosman

The University team have a contact form, this is the best way to get help on a course query, I've linked this below.
Blue Prism University | Contact

All the best,


Hello Cathy,
Greetings. Since you have completed the course, all modules will be shown as 'Done' and your Certificate will be enabled. Hence, I recommend you move through each module in every section manually. 
However, If you have any further questions regarding this, please get in touch via our 'Contact us' form.

Thank you.
Vijay Alagar Curriculum Developer - Education Services SS&C Blue Prism