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📣What's New, What's Coming in April to Blue Prism University!


Here is what is happening this month in Blue Prism University! 

We are excited to announce the release of new Chorus content for our Customers and Partners. Now available, the SS&C Blue Prism® Chorus - Administration Fundamentals course is designed to enhance your business efficiency through proper configuration of your Chorus Administratio which is a crucial first step for your organization's success.  

We have two new Learning Plans now available to enhance your learning. 

Blue Prism® Process Controller- The role of a Blue Prism Process Controller is pivotal in ensuring the smooth operation of Blue Prism processes within the live environment. Process Controllers are responsible for various tasks including scheduling and running processes, managing exceptions, managing the digital workforce, and communicating with stakeholders regarding live automated solutions. 

This learning plan will provide a mix of practical and best practice development to help you elevate the role of process controller in the intelligent automation industry. 

Intelligent Automation for the Process Analyst- This learning path is designed to equip aspiring and current Process Analysts with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in their role and drive transformative change within organizations. 

From mastering the fundamentals of process improvements to writing requirements documentation to leveraging innovative technologies, this comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for success in the field. 

Have you heard about SS&C Blue Prism® Next Generation? We will be releasing training on this product later in the month! 

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming releases. To find out the latest on what is happening with Blue Prism University, make sure you are a member of our Blue Prism University community page and check out our What’s New page for all the latest updates. 

Brenda Weschke Educations Services Operations Specialist BluePrism