Hack the customer journey with Blue Prism DX assets

By Andrew Campbell posted 08-27-2020 22:05


Blue Prism, like most fast-growing enterprises, has accumulated “customer journey debt.” Processes we put into place when the company was smaller are now full of red tape. Customer-facing personnel move slower, and the customer suspects that their future engagement with the company will be just as complex. 

Recently, the Blue Prism Center of Excellence team took on one of these processes, and the result is a win for everyone 

Most enterprises require non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to thoroughly review their products. At Blue Prism, NDA generation was a manual process between Sales and Legal teams taking as much as three days. Those days give customers time to think about things other than Blue Prism, including competitors. 

Businesses in the United Kingdom, where Blue Prism is based, each register with the government through Companies House. An NDA can be prepared using this data for most clients. Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) offers a free connector that lets a Digital Worker retrieve necessary data from Companies House, including company address, officers, and official filings. 

The Blue Prism Center of Excellence team downloaded this Companies House connector from Blue Prism DX and built a process triggered by a web form. A Digital Worker continuously monitors form submissions; submissions are validated through the Companies House API, and an NDA is generated for valid companies, while exceptions are routed for manual processing. 

The impact is significant; this automation reduces total processing time by 97%, saving the sales and legal teams over 100 hours per month. Ultimatelycustomers get access to Blue Prism and evaluate our software faster. A win all around, thanks to brilliant human minds paired with Blue Prism DX. 

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09-02-2020 17:50

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing, @Andrew Campbell.​

09-01-2020 14:54

I built that asset. Glad it works well for you guys.

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