Blue Prism v6.7 Now Available in French and with an Integrated DX Tab

By Bart Peluso posted 30 days ago


Blue Prism v6.7 empowers enterprise users with more features, functionality and greater security so you can get the most out of your Blue Prism connected-RPA solution and unleash human potential.  



  • Link to the Digital Exchange: Further integrating the Blue Prism platform and the Digital Exchange, which contains the intelligent skills that empower the Blue Prism Digital Workforce, a new tab has been added to the main application menu. This new tab launches the user’s default browser and opens the Digital Exchange. With this direct integration of the DX, you’ll now have easier access to a robust ecosystem of AI and cognitive skills that enhance Blue Prism automations.
  • Product Localization/Translation:With Blue Prism v6.7, you will now be presented with French as an option in the “Change language” menu when signing into Blue Prism. By making Blue Prism available in multiple languages, we continue to remove barriers and make it easier for users around the world to benefit from RPA. 
  • Additional v6.7 Features:
    • Online Product Help: A new server-based HTML5 version of the help provides users with a more contemporary, easily accessible user interface that includes enhanced features and provides a better user experience. The new help can be viewed on multiple devices and has a responsive, flexible layout.
    • Additionally, we have made improvements to the way customers can secure their environments, specifically their application server configuration files. Blue Prism 6.7 now provides the ability to apply certificate-based encryption to server config files.


In addition to Blue Prism v6.7, we’re also making available the Enterprise Digital Exchange to address the specific needs and requirements of those of you who would like to expand your connected-RPA experience in a safe and effective manner. 


Get the most out of your Blue Prism connected-RPA solution. Blue Prism v6.7 is the Digital Workforce for every Enterprise.   


Access v6.7 from the Blue Prism customer portal today or learn more. 

Bart Peluso
SVP Software Product Marketing: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI & Analytics at Blue Prism





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