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Joshna Dammala: Community Member of the Month - July

By Grace Lanser posted 08-16-2022 13:19


We are excited to announce our Community member of the month for July: @Joshna Dammala

Joshna is a quick and adaptive learner, we saw this in practice in July when Joshna made her first Community post and then keep up her engagement to earn herself a place in our top 15 most active members for July!

Though Joshna may be a new face to us, she's not new to RPA with over 3 years experience. We want to celebrate her for this Member of the Month to recognise Joshna's determination and enthusiasm! 

Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you start in RPA / Blue Prism?

 My name is Joshna Dammala. I have 4+ years of IT experience and I'm currently working as an RPA Developer. I started working with RPA 3 years back, Initially I started automating web based applications, which I found to be more interesting as RPA can make our life easier by automating repetitive tasks and  minimising manual efforts/human errors.

 Most interesting automation using Blue Prism? / Best tip you have learnt for Blue Prism?

One interesting automation with Blue Prism is the use case which involves integrating different applications(Mainframe, APIs, Web based application, SAP,emails, excel). Using Blue Prism automation, it has reduced 10 resource manual work and also helped in saving both time and money.

You clearly know your stuff - why do you come to the Community everyday?

Knowledge has a beginning but no end - I am always interested in exploring and gaining knowledge. The Blue Prism community  is a very good platform to exchange/gather ideas globally, that help you to think outside the box.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

One thing on my bucket list is to go skydiving but I'm very much afraid of heights.

What automation have you been involved with that you’re most proud of?

I have implemented many complex automation process, but the one I'm proud of the automation process which involved gathering more than 4000 request per day from different applications(SAP, SharePoint, Web based)  where it eased efforts of customers from different global locations increasing performance and accuracy of the whole functionality.

If you could change one thing about Blue Prism, what would it be?

I like the way Blue Prism will always comes up with the new updates to enhance the functionalities, but it would be really helpful if the version upgrade occurs automatically in background.

Do you have names for your digital workers?

Yes, we used to name our digital workers as Johny, Amy, Charlie etc.

What do you love the most about the Community?

Community members are always ready to help on answering the queries whether it is simple/complex challenge.

Tell us about a current hobby

 I like Gardening and cooking.

What would you most like to automate that you haven’t been able to yet? 

I would like to work with the use case which involves Decipher.



10-06-2022 11:13

Congrats Joshna

08-18-2022 03:49

Congratulations @Joshna Dammala

08-17-2022 13:43

Congratulations @Joshna Dammala  ! Nice blog :)​​

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