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Murali Krishna Kodi: Community member of the month - October

By Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega posted 11-03-2021 10:53


We're very excited to announce our Community member of the month for October @MuraliKrishna Kodi

With 5 years of hands-on experience in RPA using Blue prism to automate business processes, Murali joined the Blue Prism Community back in 2020. Since then, he's accumulated over 200 contributions between new threads and replies and he is a regular in our monthly leaderboards for most active users.

Recently, Murali has also been very active collecting our Community coins, which made him one of the five selected winners in our latest contest. Congratulations!

It was a pleasure getting to know Murali a bit better thanks to his answers to our questions. Check them out below!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how did you start in RPA / Blue Prism?

"I’m hailing from the small town Sambalpur of state Odisha, India.  Currently, I'm working as a Senior Consultant at WonderBotz. I'm a BTech graduate specializing in electrical and electronics. As soon as I entered into 3rd year of my bachelors, I felt my interest in something else and that’s computer and software. Then I started gaining some knowledge around it. I couldn’t completely focus on Information technology as I had to complete my Bachelors with the core subjects. So in the final year I somehow squeezed some time and finally placed as Trainee Software Engineer. But that was not a happy ending as I later realized that coding is not my thing.

It was a few months left for 2015 to end and one fine day I heard the name Robotic process automation, it was quite interesting because that was the first time I realized software robots existed, which are different from physical robots. Later on, I did my homework and since then Blue Prism was my personal favorite."

Most interesting automation using Blue Prism? / Best tip you have learnt for Blue Prism?

"Those were the days where 90% of technical/IT candidates didn't even know RPA existed, and the business teams are no exception. We got to work on a project where the existing person/SME was working like a robot(Login >>perform step 1 to 200 daily>>Logout). He used to take around 6-7 hours daily to complete that reporting. When we first showed them the demo of how we could eliminate their manual work, the battle to build the robot started and we successfully delivered the project (there are many stories about the struggles we faced).

The happiness and anxiety we saw on the SME’s face when he just ran the process and within an hour his day's job was done, was priceless.

The victory you get when everyone else is waiting for your defeat is the real one."

Why do you come to the Community everyday?

"Well, we can't call something a good experience if it includes only success and happy stories, it should also include failures, challenges, and a lot of learnings –That’s all power-packed with our Community and that’s why I'm here. In the Community you can find people from diverse backgrounds and domains- it’s the perfect spot to gain knowledge and experience."

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

"Yeah, I am lazy. Very very lazy. There’s no doubt about that...that's the reason I'm here into RPA away from traditional coding."


    Do you have names for your digital workers?

    "Of course, we have some scientific alphanumeric official names for our robots, but we have named a few robots which used don’t let us live in peace, We ourselves named them for identification: Terminator, KingKong, Godzilla"

    What do you love the most about the Community?

    "I feel a community is a place where a group of people works towards a goal and they help each other selflessly and this defines our Blue prism Community. People get smarter when they are surrounded by like-minded people. Everyone brings their own set of expertise in different areas/components of Blue Prism and everyone's opinion is respected."
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    11-06-2021 15:37

    Great work Murali. Congratulation.

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