Your Feedback in Action - Ideation on the Blue Prism Community

By Melanie Giuliani posted 07-22-2020 19:39

As part of our Community relaunch just over a year ago, the Blue Prism Community released a brand new feedback tool - our Ideas Portal, which we've used to collect crowdsourced ideas for improvements to Blue Prism products and services. In that past year, we've received over 400 ideas - we had no idea there would be such a great interest, and we are ecstatic at the response we've received! Thank you to everyone who has contributed ideas or participated in existing ideas - your contributions help Blue Prism to shape the future of our products every day. We love to hear your thoughts - so keep them coming! 

In response to the overwhelming participation, I wanted to take some time to update you, our users, on some of the work we've been doing within Blue Prism to turn your ideas into Blue Prism features. 

The Process
When we noticed how many great ideas were coming into our Ideas Portal every day, the Blue Prism Community Team knew we needed a process in place in order to review and address all the great feedback we'd been receiving. As a result, we worked with our Product department to build out our official ideation review process. 

This process takes all ideas over the 20 votes threshold and reviews them for possible implementation into the product. This involves several steps, looping in teams from all across Blue Prism to review the ideas, communicate with idea authors, and assign a score to the ideas for possible inclusion in the product roadmap. Ideas on the community are updated at every stage, moving them across the lifecycle from New -> Under Consideration, and in some cases, Planned-> Delivered. An idea is marked as Delivered once it has been approved and released in the latest version of the product. 

The Outcome
Since the launch of this new process, we've reviewed nearly 100 ideas, and gotten quite a few actually implemented into the product! We've delivered 20 ideas in total, with 9 making into the recent v6.8 release. A full overview of the ideas we've reviewed can be found below. 

Under Consideration: 33
Duplicate: 26
Need More Info: 4
Not Planned: 7
Delivered: 20

To see a full list of the ideas that are in each of the stages above, head to the ideas portal, select a status from the drop down, and click "Apply Filters." The default view automatically displays brand new ideas, so ideas in different stages can be hard to find at first glance!

The Takeaway
So, how can you help? In short, the best way to help this process is to vote on ideas you'd like to see included in future Blue Prism releases. The review process will look at any ideas with more than 20 up votes, so your vote really does count! The more votes we begin seeing on ideas, the more ideas will qualify to be routed through the review process.

And the ideas portal is not just for feedback on the Blue Prism product! Ideation is also available for the Blue Prism Digital Exchange, Training and Certification, the Community, and more! Filter to each area of interest by selecting the "Category" drop down, selecting the topic(s) you'd like to see ideas for, and clicking "Apply Filters". Let us know if there are any categories you'd like to submit feedback on that may be missing from this list! 

Have you used the Blue Prism Community Ideas Portal yet? If not, take a look! All of our great user-submitted ideas are waiting for your input!


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