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Intelligent Automation and Digital Transformation

By Susanna Berg posted 01-19-2022 12:30


How should You decide which type of solution that drives Your Digital Transformation? There are so many choices and alternatives. I am totally convinced that collaboration between Humans, IT applications and Digital Workers is the way to go.

Selecting the right technology to solve a business problem and transform

Last week we had a discussion in my team that started out around best practices for scaling. Among other things we discussed the difficulty for larger organizations to make the decision of which technology to throw on different business problems. When should I use system integration versus Intelligent Automation? When should I focus on a larger transformation including changing the underlying Application(s) and when should I prioritizing adding a Digital workforce to my existing systems? In our joint experience we have seen too many organisations focusing on "the silver bullet tech" to solve Your problems. In reality, most larger business issues requires a combination of tools and technology to get the the best solution.

Organizational silos makes it difficult to know what is the right thing to do

This is a problem I see almost in all organizations I work with. There are many business problems to solve, and a lot of different solutions to throw on the problems. The responsibility for the different solutions is normally divided between different departments, and from what I have seen the selection of technology or solution often depends on who and what You know. Might be strange, but after all we are humans, and we know what we know. In the organizational silos we have today I know that collaboration is key, so how do we create a culture where the best for entire company is a guiding principle for decisions and actions? It is really difficult as speed is also of essence, You can't just investigate and involve everyone in search for the perfect solution either.  It is about finding a balance. If You are working in an automation CoE your job is actually to bridge the silos. Customers, Processes and Automations don't care about organizational silos, and to be successful You need to collaborate between Automation CoE, IT, Business units,
AI experts, Process Excellence experts etc. Those of You that are successful knows how to do this!

So what about Digital Transformation and Intelligent Automation?

Terminology is really complicating our lives, and it is all in your definitions, what do they mean to You? To me, Intelligent Automation is one very important tool-set in the Digital Transformation.  Even how good Your integrations or new applications are, there will always be areas that require manual work in the applications, so a Digital Workforce will always have a role to play. There is no such thing as either or when it comes to digital transformation. It is always about combining different skills, people and tools. So back to the culture of collaboration and thinking of it best for the entire organisation.

A more practical tip to leaders responsible for Digital Transformation: Make sure to involve Your automation CoE when You design the new processes for the new systems. You will discover the need to fill the gaps with Digital Workers, and if You design the processes upfront for a combined workforce Y the humans can focus on what they do best as the digital workers takes care of their tasks. You will get faster and better processes and happier employees if You design right from the start. And best of all happier customers and more lean operations.

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01-23-2022 13:20

Thank You @Susanna Berg for sharing your reflection on Intelligent Automation and digital Transformation.​

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